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Dr. Guy Danielson

Dr. Guy Danielson, III MD

Raised in Oklahoma by a Texas born father and a mother from Kansas, Dr. Danielson went to the University of Oklahoma in Norman OK for undergraduate degree in English and went to University of Oklahoma medical school in Oklahoma City where he obtained his M.D. degree. He then completed six years of residency at University of Oklahoma in neurological surgery. He then joined the Air Force for two years, reaching the rank of Major while acting as Chief of Neurosurgery at Clark Air Base in The Philippines. Upon leaving the military and returning to the US, Dr. Danielson joined his friend, and fellow resident, Dr. Ron Donaldson to form the first neuro surgical group practice in East Texas in 1976.

Known for his sharp mind and vast reading appetite, Dr. Danielson is a board certified Neurosurgeon in Texas who treats spine injuries, deformities, bone and joint damage and pain. Because he takes a well-rounded ‘body plus mind’ approach, his patients get the very best results.

As well as studying and practicing medicine for over forty years, Dr. Danielson likes to stay up on science, history, philosophy and personal growth. All of this informs the way he helps his patients find freedom from pain. Let’s just say he loves his work!

He was married for 45 years to Betty with whom he has two daughters, one son and seven adorable grandchildren. After Betty died six years ago, Dr. Danielson considers himself intensely fortunate to find a loving partner in Sheri, his present wife of three years, and now he has three fine stepsons who are part of the growing family.

Dr. Danielson believes it’s important to keep an open mind when it comes to his patients’ needs. Not everyone responds well to the same treatment. That’s why he focuses so much on each individual who passes through his doors. He’ll proudly tell you…

“We have an intensely caring group of doctors here who truly go the extra mile for the people that come to see us. We really are champions for our patients.”

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